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17 Jan

17 days down and only 2983 days to go on our 3000 day journey to financial independence. 

As promised our first goal was to set up a side hustle or side business. It took some work and fine tuning, but we are finally ready to go public, so please welcome

Our business model is buying certified organic seeds in bulk, repackaging them into smaller, retail size packets with our own branding and reselling these via an eBay store. Our eBay store is here if you are interested:

A side hustle or side business for us had to meet the following criteria:

  • Low start up cost: We have spent less than $500 to date
  • Low time consumption: Yes it took some time to set up, package the seeds, print labels etc. But now that we are up and running, it is a fairly low touch business model. When we sell the seeds, we just place them in an envelope and post them.
  • Easy set up: We chose an eBay store for that exact reason. It is already a marketplace, there are already buyers looking and the sales platform is already in place.
  • Something we were passionate about: We love vegetable gardening and we are also passionate about buying organic produce, so this was a great fit for us.

We expect that this business will make us a small amount of profit each year, it will definitely not be a million dollar business, but if it can make us $2,000+ plus per year, it will be worth the effort.

The steps we took to get this up and running:

  1. The Website:

We used the same platform that we used for this blog - Site 123: . Again I want to reiterate that this is by far the easiest site builder I have ever used, I have used Crazy Domains, Wix and Weebly in the past, but their platforms were clunky and difficult to use. Site 123 was so easy, I was seriously online with an active website within 2 hours. I will explain this process further on a future post. But You can give it a try for free here:

  1. The eBay store:

Setting up a store was a piece of cake. I already had a personal eBay account, so you just subscribe to an eBay store, enter the store name and details. Accept the terms and conditions and you are on your way. Note, there is a fee for this, we chose the $24.95 per month basic package. This gives you reduced final value fees etc. You could chose to sell under your personal name, but we felt that having a store was more professional, so at this stage we are happy to pay the extra fee.

  1. Social media:

I for one am not the biggest fan of social media, Mrs 3000 on the other hand loves it. So with some subtle persuasion, Mrs 3000 had me set up a facebook page. To her credit, Mrs 3000 found a few organic gardening groups, contacted their administrators and got permission for us to advertise our business. We reached over 25,000 members and all for free…Mrs 3000 is a superstar!

We will keep you posted on how the business is going in future blog posts.

Here is some recommended reading:

The No Spend Year:

An enjoyable read. It is based in the UK, so some the costs seem very low compared to Australia (we get ripped off on groceries). But a great example on what being frugal can achieve.

Cheers, Mr 3000

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