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Follow our 3000 day journey to financial independence

  • 10/02/2019 02:53 AM

Our 2018 review - how we are tracking financially, our savings, our investments, our giving, our achievements, our setbacks and our goals for 2019.

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  • 23/09/2018 02:33 AM

We believe we are in store for a significant economic downturn in the near future and we are currently invested accordingly. This strategy has not paid off yet, so I ask the question....Are we wrong or just early?

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  • 09/03/2018 10:15 AM

Our opinion on low cost index investing in these risky economic times. We believe we are on the cusp of a massive financial shock brought about by excessive government spending, excessive private and public debt and unprecedented central bank intervention.

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  • 21/11/2017 03:54 PM

So why 3000 days you may ask….. 3000 days was chosen for numerous reasons, all of these are explained below:

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