Our list of Top 10 Australian Financial Independence Blogs and Podcasts

23 Mar

We are 82 days down and only 2918 days to go on our 3000 day journey to financial independence...

As promised, here is our list of Top 10 Australian Financial Independence (FI) Blogs and Podcasts. These are listed in no particular order.

It is great to see so many Australians on the path to FI and documenting their journey to assist others in the process. Hats off to you all and keep up the great work!!


A very insightful blog, with a great free 7 day kick starter guide for those that sign up. Cath from Get Money Wise has also been featured on www.news.com.au and has also allowed yours truly to publish a guest post, which you can view HERE


A similar blog to ours, following a 40 something Australian guy’s journey on a path to FI. He is well down the path to FI, with a solid net worth, however I really like his investing approach with a variety of asset classes including the often neglected asset class of Gold.


This is a great resource for tips on saving money, budgeting and investing. There is a large amount of archived content, however the last post was in January 2018…hopefully we see some more content soon!


A similar blog to ours, following someone’s journey on a path to FI. Posts are informative and easy to read. There are generally 1 – 2 posts per month.


This blog is mainly focused on investment strategies and techniques. The site is very informative and the slack investor posts quite regularly.


This blog and podcast was my first taste of Aussie FIRE, before I found this podcast, I thought most of the content was only US based.  


A personal finance and lifestyle blog, not necessarily specifically aimed at the FI community, however this site contains some great content on dealing with debt, financial planning and investing.


This blog is written by Pat the shuffler, who was featured on mainstream media – ABC, 7 Sunrise and numerous publications. It is great to see FIRE getting recognised in the mainstream media. Pat’s posts are insightful, informative and very well presented.


Ok, not a traditional FI blog as such, however this site has some amazing tips on being frugal, living within your means and running an efficient household.


Again, not a traditional FI blog as such, however this site has some tips on saving money and even a “freebies” page with cash back offers and discount codes,

Obviously, don't forget our blog....https://www.3000days.com.au/blog. You can subscribe here: https://www.3000days.com.au/subscribe-to-our-newsletter

There are so many resources out there, and we have probably missed a bunch of great content, so please give us your tips on blogs and podcasts in the comment section below. Also, please feel free to share these blog posts with your friends and family. 

Take care and best wishes all, 

Mr & Mrs 3000

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