About Us

Who we are and why we are doing this

Firstly, for the purpose of this journey I have aptly named myself - Mr 3000 and my wife Mrs 3000. Considering we are publicly divulging our personal and financial circumstances, I trust you understand why we would like to maintain some level of privacy.  

Mr 3000 is a 36 year old member of the Australian middle class, earning an above average salary (not too much above). Until recently Mr 3000 has lived a very consumerist lifestyle, although he was quite financially savvy, he would look for bargains, negotiate and search for cheaper alternatives. However in essence Mr 3000 was enjoying the trappings of modern day life such as eating out at will, partying (in his 20s at least), expensive travel and basically purchasing whatever his heart desired with little thought for the future.

Well this all changed in 2017, with his son reaching the age of 4 and school just around the corner, the lack of father/son time was wearing thin. He knew he had to make a change, he had to make a plan, put some goals in place and achieve them. The creation of this site was the first step in this process, to document the progress towards Financial Independence (FI) and to hopefully assist others in their FI journey.

Mrs 3000 is a 38 year old mum, that works part time. Mrs 3000 had a good pedigree of saving money from a young age, however since Mr 3000 started earning a decent salary Mrs 3000 was also becoming accustom to this spending lifestyle.  

In 2017, Mr & Mrs 3000 had "The Talk"....the financial talk. Each wanted to make a change, get ahead, stop working for the man, get their time back, live simpler, spend less, live more, work less and spend more time as a family.

To do this, Mr & Mrs 3000 have a goal........3000 days to financial independence, that is roughly 8.22 years. Our launch date was 1st January 2018 so 3000 days gets us to financial independence by 19th March 2026.......we would love for you to follow us on our journey to FI.          

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